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NUCCA Spinal Care

NUCCA: National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

Dr. Drummond is one of the only NUCCA Upper Cervical practitioners in the Omaha Nebraska area.

The NUCCA correction brings the head, spine and pelvis back to a stable, balanced position. When used with spinal decompression on the DRX 9000, the normal nerve impulses between the brain and the body are restored, relieving disk pressure and bringing significant pain relief.


I had lower back pain for 15+ years. Since beginning treatment at Spinal Balance Health Center I only had 4 days of low back pain, even while playing volleyball. I don’t have headaches anymore either.

The NUCCA Treatment Process

Dr. Drummond starts with precise X-rays to analyze and determine exactly how your spine has tilted, shifted, or rotated from its normal position. This measurement is as unique as your fingerprint — and the slightest degree of displacement can cause brain stem compression and body imbalance, resulting in back pain, stress, migraines and other problems throughout the entire body.

Using a complex formula, Dr. Drummond then makes the proper NUCCA correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex — the delicate bone structure that connects your head and neck. This gentle touch just below the ear at the first vertebra frees nervous system interference and helps restore normal nerve function. There’s no forceful twisting, popping or cracking. In fact, most patients barely feel a thing!

By correcting the spine with this level of precision, the entire nervous system begins to function optimally and the body can begin a process of long-term recovery and healing.

During the initial stabilization period, a number of NUCCA corrections may be required to reverse the progressive, degenerative effects of brain stem compression. Once the spine is in a stable holding position, many NUCCA patients maintain their corrections for weeks, months or even years at a time.

The NUCCA Treatment Process